Neoastra AI NeoVision

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Neoastra AI NeoVision

NeoVision is a suite of AI software integrated to track crowd movements and detect physical objects. Motion tracking, object count, remote access and abnormal event triggers are some of the key highlights of this offering. Its features include cloud based Processing, multiple devices and mobile application to control and for the alert notifications.

Enhance the safety and security of your enterprise through real-time insights from our AI-powered video analytics engine

Our tested and proven solution scales for small, medium and large enterprises ranging from 4 cameras to 150+ cameras.

Video Analytics Surveillance
Geo-spatial Analytics
Intelligent Workflows
Alert Notifications

- Face Recognition and Tagging
- Image Analytics and Classification
- Object Recognition and Classification
- Sentiment Analytics
- Emotion Analytics
- Behavioral Analytics

- People Counting
- People Tracking
- Heat Map
- Footfall Analysis

- Single dashboard for all your cameras
- Realtime notifications based on workflows
- Access anywhere
- Pay-as-you-go options
- Easy Integration
- Adaptable and Intelligent
- Empowers your enterprise security teams
- Security events in real time

Why choose us?

We have deep expertise in building Computer Vision solutions for image classification, age and gender determination, emotion detection, facial recognition, object detection & segmentation, and other use cases.

We offer on-premise computer vision solutions which increases data security and performance speeds for our partners.

Our platform-agnostic solutions are trained specifically for each deployment and work in a variety of environments.

We enhance the safety and security of your workplace through real-time insights from our Neoastra NeoVision video analytics engine.

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