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About Neoastra

We are an artificial intelligence platform company that leverages cognitive technologies to solve business problems for our Customers. Established in 2018, we strive hard to build a human-centric solution by making technology literally invisible for customers.

Our unique approach to research, design and development gives our platform a level of functionality and flexibility that are industry leading, disrupting the artificial intelligence status-quo in the retail, healthcare and security markets.

What We do, We do Best!

Get inspired by taking a look into our solutions. We infuse your normal business outcomes with revolutionary machine intelligence and ultra modern user experiences. Realize your true Business Potentials with us. There are infinite endless possibilities

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Making digital living possible with ease.

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Complete healthcare solutions with signal/data analytics using AI/ML

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Smart customer and behavior analysis to build cutting edge marketing strategies.

Meet Our Team


Prashanth Venkataswamy

Co-founder & Cognitive Tech. Officer


Ganesh Banda

Co-founder & Intelligent Platform Officer


Joe Salhany

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer


Ambrish Giliyar

Chief Marketer

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